Saving the Creation:

Finding common ground between people of faith, scientists, and activists



            Harvard biologist and secular humanist E. O. Wilson recently wrote an imaginary letter to an evangelical pastor.  Noting that “the Creation—living Nature—is in deep trouble,” Wilson declares, “Pastor, we need your help.”  “Religion and science are the two most powerful forces in the world today,” Wilson asserts, contending that “if religion and science could be united on the common ground of biological conservation, the problem (of saving Creation) could be solved.”  This Riverside-Salem series is an exploration of Wilson’s prescription for Saving the Creation.


(1)  Religion and the Creation – November 12


            What does our Christian tradition as revealed in Scripture have to say about “The Creation” and our responsibility to protect it?  What are the obstacles to and opportunities for finding common ground with evangelical Christians and other faith traditions in working together to save the Creation?

            Resources:  Jon & Cathy Rieley-Goddard


(2)  Science and the Creation – November 19


            What possibilities does a deeper understanding of the Creation as revealed in its complex interrelationships contribute to an understanding of our need to protect it?  What are the obstacles and opportunities for scientists to find common ground both among themselves and with people of faith in this endeavor?

            Resources:  Suzuki DVD, “The Sacred Balance;” Charles Bowman, Alice Weppner,           Mary Herbst


(3)  Is God Green? – November 26


            In February, 2006, a group of 85 respected evangelical Christian leaders launched a campaign for all Christians to push for federal legislation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to stem global warming.  What are the obstacles and opportunities for the broader faith community, scientists, and activists to work together to save the Creation?

            Resources:  Moyers, “Is God Green?” Jon & Cathy Rieley-Goddard

(4)  Saving Creation and Grassroots Activism – December 10


            Western New York has been a hotbed of activism to save some part of the Creation: eliminating industrial toxins, protection our communities and the Great Lakes watershed, alternative energy technologies, etc.  What are the opportunities and obstacles to enlisting scientists and people of faith in building an even more inclusive and effective movement?

            Resources:  Suzuki, “Restoring the Balance,” Joe Gardella, Diane Ciurczak, Charles         Lamb, Charles Bowman


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