Buffalo Man Charged With Assault, Child Endangerment

   Deputy Warren Luick of the Erie County Sheriff's Department reported that a Buffalo man was arrested at 10:30 p.m. August 9, 2003 on multiple charges in the Town of Grand Island.
   The Deputy reported that Felix Medina, 24, of Hoyt Street, Buffalo entered his girlfriend's Alan Court house, uninvited, and started a fight with her. The girlfriend's two sons, ages 10 and 14, came to the aid of their mother and were both struck in the face by Medina. The two boys were subsequently transported to Children's Hospital with head and ear injuries. Medina fled the scene before the arrival of the patrol. The Sheriff's Office immediately put out a broadcast to surrounding police agencies requesting them to be on the lookout for Medina. The Buffalo Police Department (E-District Patrols) located Medina in the City and detained him until the Sheriff's Patrol took custody of him.
   Medina was charged with Burglary 1st Degree, Assault 2nd Degree, Assault 3rd Degree, Grand Larceny 3rd Degree, Endangering the Welfare of a Child (2 counts) and Harassment 2nd Degree. Medina was transported to the Erie County Holding Center pending arraignment in Grand Island Court.
   According to the Sheriff's Report given to the Grand Island E-News at Isledegrande.com, the woman at the Alan Court address on August 9, 2003 was also arrested.
   Medina was arrested in February 2003 following another incident on Grand Island. Click for
Medina - February Arrest Story.