Riverside-Salem Schedule

February-March, 2004 

Sundays in BOLD; other events of interest in italics.  Unless otherwise stated, programs are from 4-6 p.m. at the Cottage, 3449 West River, Grand Island, except for Fifth Sundays at 1272 Delaware (4-6 p.m.) 

Feb. 1              BUSINESS MEETING  

Feb. 4              Multi-Faith Forum:  “Iraq: One Year Later” (see enclosure), 12-1:30, Trinity Episcopal, 371 Delaware. 

Feb. 7              WNY Peace Center Annual Meeting, 10-1, Community Center on Main just north of Jewett Pkwy (894-2013). 

Feb. 8              PEACE Sunday: “Women In Black: The Video” with Vincenzo Mistretta.   

Feb. 15            Report from Chile by Dan Cross & Tom Weber.  Dan is a UB history & Spanish major and an activist on international labor issues; Tom, also an activist, spent over a year in Chile. 

Feb. 22            Ruth Meyerowitz, “Technology & Changes in Women’s Work in the 20th Century.”  Dr. Meyerowitz teaches American Studies at UB, focusing on Women, Work, and Public Policy. 

Feb. 29            FIFTH SUNDAY:  ArtAlive Gathering in Buffalo (at the Network of Religious Communities building, 1272 Delaware Ave.) .  

Mar. 3             Multi-Faith Forum:  “Homeland Security and the Religious Mandate for Hospitality,”12-1:30 at Trinity Episcopal, 371 Delaware (see enclosure) 

Mar. 4             National Health Care Sticker Action Day: Health Care for All! – CEJ (892-5877) 

Mar. 7             BUSINESS MEETING 

Mar. 13           “In the Woods with Evelyn Brady & Nan Hoffman,” 2-6 (including potluck at 5 p.m. or so): Celebrate your commitment to peace through poetry and song.

Mar. 14           PEACE Sunday: John Curr, NYCLU, discusses the impact of USA Patriot II and CLEAR Acts on immigrants & democracy. 

Mar. 21           Kenneth Kennon, author of Prisoner of Conscience, spent 6 months in prison for demonstrating against School of the Americas.

Also:  Interfaith Peace Service commemorating  one-year war on Iraq (Rev. John Long for info:  877-6896) 

Mar. 28           Growing in the Spirit with Shirley Chan.   

Mar. 31           Multi-Faith Forum: “Gay Marriage: What’s at Stake?” 12-1:30, Trinity Episcopal, 371 Delaware (enclosure) 

Apr. 4              BUSINESS MEETING [Palm Sunday]