Riverside-Salem Program

February – March, 2005


[All programs from 4-6 p.m. Sundays at our Environmental Chapel, 3449 West River Road, Grand Island, unless otherwise indicated.  Sundays in BOLD; other events of interest in italics.]


Feb. 2              “What Are the Ramifications of Elections in Iraq?” Multi-Faith Forum from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. at Trinity Episcopal Church, 371 Delaware.  Call the Network of Religious Communities for reservations, information: 882-4793.  Features Prof. Abdul Raoof and political commentator Daniel R. Lenard.


Feb. 5              WNY Peace Center Meeting, 10-1, Central Community Center (894-2013).


Feb. 6              BUSINESS MEETING & Election of Officers & SOUPER Sunday


Feb. 12                        “Realistic Ways to Explore the Earth Charter,”Paula Gonzalez, SC, PhD, (info: Jim Mang, 832-0507).



Feb. 13            HEART TO HEART – RS Search Committee facilitates small group conversations

about who we are and who we want to become as a congregation/community.


Feb. 20            Camille Hopkins, Co-founder and President of Spectrum Transgender Group of


                        WNY, will discuss transgender and transsexual issues.  Ms. Hopkins has worked for 17 years for the City of Buffalo. In September, 2002, she became the first person to openly transition from male-to-female as a City of Buffalo public employee and was instrumental in securing an equal rights law to protect transgender individuals in the City of Buffalo.


Feb. 21            “Justice for New York Farmworkers,” at Hispanics United, 254 Virginia in Buffalo, 7 p.m.  Sponsored by LASC/WNY Peace Center. 894-2013.


Feb 25-26        AVP Workshop, Level I, Parish Center of St. Joseph Univ. Church (info: 832-0507).


Feb. 26            Western Area Meeting, St. Peter’s in West Seneca, on Parish Nursing with Amos Acree & others.


Feb. 27            Sharing Our Gifts:  Theme is “Change.”





Mar. 2             Multi-Faith Forum on “Earthquake/Tsunami in South Asia: What Can We Learn from the World’s Response?” (12-1:30, Trinity Episcopal, 371 Delaware).  RSVP/Info: 882-4793.


Mar. 6             BUSINESS MEETING



Mar. 13           Sharing Our Stories/Writing Our History/Lighting Our Future, wherein we feature our struggles, successes, survivals, maybe even songs that may point our way forward….


Bob & Bobbie

Mar. 20         [Palm Sunday & 2nd anniversary of Invasion of Iraq] Agnes Williams, Seneca from Cattaraugus, speaks about SEVA.  SEVA is Sanskrit for Service, the highest form of spirituality in the Buddhist way. SEVA has a “Gifts of Service” fundraising campaign; last year the NAPAG raised $32,000 for gifts of service and this year they did $82,000. They grant $112,000 a year to groups in the continental US and been doing this for 25 years. Agnes will talk about the rest of SEVA's blindness prevention work, too.


Mar. 27           EASTER: Ways of celebrating the concept of new life and resurrection.

Ken & Marge



For info: www.isledegrande.com/riversidechurch.htm or jlicence@buffalo.edu or 773-1426 (June)