Riverside-Salem Schedule

January 22 – February 26, 2006


All programs from 4-6 p.m. Sundays at our Environmental Cottage, 3449 West River Road,

Grand Island, unless otherwise indicated. For information: 773-1426 (June).



January 22                  “This Is Not Your War” – A DVD presentation focusing on the experience of a neo-natal nurse trainer from California in the Palestinian Territories.


January 29                  ARTS SUNDAY 


Rev. Jon Rieley-Goddard will facilitate our sharing the arts that light our lives.



February 5                  Taizé & Business Meeting


February 12                Two White Women Meet Three Lakota Teachers and Learn about Culture, Spirituality and Reconciliation.  


Rev. Deb Baxter was always fascinated by the Plains Indians and was disturbed by how the Sioux were treated by the US Government. A month-long study leave in May of 2005 gave her an opportunity to talk with members of the Lakota Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota (one of seven tribes under the heading Sioux) and listen to their stories.  Deb studied for 3 weeks at the Sinte Gleska University in the Lakota Studies Dept.  Duane Hollow Horn Bear, Albert White Hat and Ione Quiggley, all full blooded Lakota, were her teachers. She also visited the sacred sites of the Lakota that are centered in the Black Hills and the Bad Lands. This is just a very brief introduction to the topic with her own observations.


Deb Baxter has a BA in American History from Buffalo State College, an MLS degree from The School of Information and Library Studies at UB, and a MDiv. degree from Chicago Theological Seminary. She is currently the Pastor at Eggertsville UCC in Amherst.


February 19                Evolution & Intelligent Design:  Darwin to Dover, Pennsylvania


During a 5 year - long voyage of the HMS Beagle, Charles Darwin amassed evidence for what was to become his theory of evolution. Darwin published his theory in 1859 and has since been criticized from some religious quarters. Most recently critics of evolution theory have floated the idea of intelligent design.

Charles Bowman will present a historical overview of the theory of evolution and intelligent design from the perspective of a laboratory bench scientist. He works in a UB laboratory that focuses on the cellular conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy He is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology and Biophysical Sciences at UB, is Vice President of the Food Shuttle of WNY, Inc., and serves on the board of directors of the Food Bank of WNY, Inc.


February 26                Poverty and Buffalo’s West Side: 


Rev. Catherine Rieley-Goddard leads a discussion on Concerned Ecumenical Ministries (CEM), Massachusetts Ave. Project (MAP), local, UCC, & national efforts to fight poverty.