Riverside-Salem Schedule

March – April, 2006


All programs from 4-6 p.m. Sundays at our Environmental Cottage, 3449 West River Road, Grand Island,

unless otherwise indicated.  Other items of interest in italics.  Info: 773-1426 (June)


March 5            Taizé and Business Meeting


March 12        “Gaza on the Ground”John Lloyd will tell us what he actually experienced while teaching there, describing the military situation, the brutality of Israeli treatment of Gazan Palestinians, the Gaza culture (social, religious and a little bit of political), daily life (including the fantastic food), Hamas etc.  He wants to help correct the lack of accurate information about what has been happening in Gaza and the lack of appreciation of the role the USA has played and continues to play. 


March 15-17            40-hour Fast for Justice.  Info:  Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ) (892-5877).


March 18         WNY Peace Center rally to mark 3rd anniversary of invasion of Iraq:  Saturday, 4PM, Lafayette Square, Downtown Buffalo


March 19        “Soul Retrieval” with Shirley Chan.  Shirley traveled to Mexico in January to learn shamanic practices with the Four Winds Society.   Soul retrieval is a practice for recovering essential parts of the self that split off as a result of pain or trauma.  Shirley is our former pastor whose ministry is a healing practice in Hamburg, New York.  ALSO: 3rd anniversary of invasion of Iraq: Sing Finlandia! (IPN suggestion)


March 26            SHARING OUR GIFTS:  We’ll share whatever keeps each of us keeping-on!


March 27         Peace Center Task Force for Peaceful Resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict will hold its first coffeehouse at the Network of Religious Communities, 1272 Delaware, Buffalo, at 7 p.m., showing the film "Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land."  



April 2 Taizé and Business Meeting [Daylight Savings Time begins]


April 9             [Palm Sunday] David Lenker on Three-folding: Rudolf Steiner wrote of the mutually independent spheres of the social organism corresponding to the three faculties of the human soul.  Lenker will share this through the sweet story of Hershey’s chocolate.  Lenker is Chair/Co-founder of the Commonwealth Center for Anthroposophy and Susquehanna Corps de Michel (Anthro. Society in Hershey, Pennsylvania).  ALSO: Three Birthdays!


April 16           [Easter] Jon & Cathy lead us on a labyrinth walk and contemplation.  Sunrise Service by West Avenue Presbyterian Church, 8 a.m. at Broderick Park (West Ferry by the river).  984-2442. (Cathy).


April 21-23      Riverkeepers Spring Shoreline Sweep-Join others in Western New York as we remove debris from our shorelines.   Stay tuned to http://www.fbnr.org/ for more details.


April 23           ENVIRONMENTAL SABBATH (2:00 p.m.: re-chip woods path, followed by Celebrate the Earth in Story and Song with Nan Hoffman, Joe Tumino, and Diane Evans at 4:00 p.m.  Bring any tools (shovels, pitchforks, wheelbarrows, etc.) and gloves or work clothes for hauling wood chips; then relax and enjoy good food, songs, & stories! 


April 30            ARTS SUNDAY