Riverside-Salem Summer:

Wednesdays at the Water’s Edge

July 5 – September 6, 2006

3449 West River Road (between Whitehaven & Bedell), Grand Island

Wednesdays in BOLD (6 p.m. for potluck; 6:30 for programs).

Other events of interest in italics (time, place as announced)

For information/confirmation:  773-1426 or jlicence@buffalo.edu


July 5              Robb Nesbitt, Song Circle:  Bring your voice, songs, enthusiasm & have a good time!


July 12                        Daughters of Creative Sound:  These women of African descent—singers, dancers,                                    storytellers, percussionists--have brought joy, education and healing to countless numbers                        of people (especially women and girls) with their sound & spirit, exemplifying the Akan                            proverb:  “Drum is the ear of God.”  They’ll perform alone first and then we’ll all join in!


July 16                        “Music in the Woods” with Nan Hoffman, Joe Tumino, Kathy & Tom DeLoughry &                         Mary Bieger:  Annual music-fest of great joyousness! 4-6 p.m.  Bring chairs/blankets.


July 19                        Robb Nesbitt, Poetry for Everyone:  Bring pen & paper and your poems to share and                               ideas for more.  For information:  894-6319.


July 26                        Carol Wolf, Biblical Storytellingfor paradigm shifts, transformation, and healing.



August 2            Kathie McCormick and Maureen Mahaney, “Healing Blankets.” These wonderfully                               soft & comfy fleece blankets will lift anyone’s spirits. Learn to make them yourself or                                     just know how to find Kathie & Maureen if you want them to work with you or for you                                  on creating one.


August 9            Wine and Whimsy--Learn the art of winemaking and get involved in our photo fantasy                         of creating a Riverside-Salem Calendar. The winemaking is a 4-week commitment. You                              will have the option of purchasing a bottle of our cottage brew at a minimal price if you                            participate. Bring cameras and/or your willingness to be photographed in the natural                                 beauty of our surroundings, celebrating “brothers/sisters” of Earth--scenes which will                               illustrate our dedication to peace, justice, and the integrity of creation.


August 16            Quilting with Eveline Hartz: Help create a quilt for June & Roger from all the                                            contributions at their last year’s picnic/potluck (25th, plus 40 years together!).


August 23            Looking at Art through the Eyes of an Artist: Angelo F. LaDuca will explain how an                         artist’s mind works when creating an interesting picture with the hope that this will                               motivate you to explore art as a hobby or to expand your ability to appreciate the beauty                          of those who create works of art.  It is never too late to develop your potential!


August 30            Stuart Buisch, Scottish Songs, Sea Chanties, and Poetry:  Write your own poetry,                          inspired by Stu’s music and poetry.  Stuart C. Buisch is Campus minister at Campus                                    Church ConneXion at UB.  He is married to Laura Norris, who is Interim Director of                                Duffield Presbyterian Center. They have two daughters Quin and Maddy.



Sept. 3             June & Roger’s 26th Annual Picnic/Potluck, 2-6 p.m., 1515 West River Road, Grand Island!


Sep. 6              Wine bottling (probable)