Riverside-Salem Schedule

September – October, 2006


3449 West River Road, Grand Island (between Whitehaven & Bedell Roads)

All programs on Sundays from 4-6 p.m. at the Cottage, unless otherwise indicated.

Info: 773-1426; website: www.isledegrande.com/riversidechurch.htm



Sept. 3             June & Roger’s 26th annual potluck-picnic, 2-6 p.m., 1515 West River Road,                          Grand Island (see enclosure)


Sept. 10            BUSINESS MEETING/Taize


Sept. 13            “Why We Fight” – DVD showing, 7:00 p.m. at the Cottage [NB: This is also the                                    35th Anniversary of the Attica uprising.]


Sep. 16                        Great Lakes Beach Sweep, 10 a.m. at RS Cottage; gloves helpful.  Info:  773-                               7621 (Bill O’Connor).  Refreshments.


Sept. 17            Spirituality & Food:   Begins a two-month exploration of food in our lives                            and in the world.  Michael Pollan hand-out for next Sunday’s discussion.


Sept. 22                       IWI hosts a “Back to School Social” for Native students at local colleges and                                        universities to help connect them with each other and with Native people &                                             organizations in this area.  At NACS, 1005 Grant St.  Info: 332-6988.


Sept. 24            Discussion of Michael Pollan article (&/or his The Omnivore’s Dilemma)



Oct. 1              BUSINESS MEETING/Taize


Oct. 4              “An Inconvenient Truth” DVD showing!  7 p.m. at the Cottage


Oct. 8              Vegetarianism/veganism/animal rights:  Focus on youth movements and                              involvements.


Oct. 15            HERBS – culinary, medicinal, decorative, fragrant--oils, butters,                                               sachets, teas, spices, etc.


Oct. 21             “The World on Your Plate” Harvest Event, with keynote speaker Frances Moore                                      Lappé (“Fat, Famine & Froot Loops: Where’s Democracy When We Need It?”)                                         and lots of workshops (see enclosure), 9:30-4:00 p.m., First Presbyterian, BFLO


Oct. 22            BREAD – for the World [action component]


Oct. 29            “Babette’s Feast” - video/DVD showing to end our “food series.”