Riverside-Salem UCC
April-May, 2002 Worship/Program

(All from 4-6 p.m. Sundays at the church cottage, 3449 West River Road, Grand Island, unless otherwise specified.  SUNDAYS in BOLD; other events of interest in italics.)

April 11             Quality Quest Coalition of Grand Island Speaker:  Sally Cunningham, Master Gardener, at Eco-Island, 7 p.m.   

April 14       Joe DeMare,  "Windmills, Solar, and Geothermal Units:  An Alternative Energy Plan for New York State."  Joe has studied wind power as an alternative energy source for 20 years and started his own company, Alternative Energy Corporation, to make wind power a reality in New York State.  He is vice-chair of the Erie County Green Party.

April 15            LASC Coffeehouse:  Farmworkers in Our Backyard & Globally, 7-9 p.m., Caudell Hall lounge, Buffalo State Campus (894-2013 for information and parking permits)

April 19,  20     Local press conference/send-off (19th) for demonstration in Washington, D.C.(20th) and vigil with Women in Black at Elmwood/Bidwell Pkwy from 12-1 p.m. on the 20th   (Info:  Peace Center: 894-2013)

April 21       Emily Carron/Andrew Savoy-Burke/Colin O'Malley from the WNY Sweatshop Awareness Project will speak on their organizing efforts at Lancaster High School, Buffalo Seminary, and Canisius High School.

April 28       Environmental Sabbath.  We will re-chip paths and begin constructing an outdoor labyrinth (2-4 p.m.).  Boots and work-clothes recommended.  Soup, bread, fruit provided.  Tools, wheelbarrows, music welcomed.

May 5          BUSINESS; also Western Association Meeting (Lockport UCC)

May 12        Joyce Bol will lead a discussion based on Donovan Webster's book, Aftermath: The Remnants of War.  Why war never ends….  Celebrate Mother's Day in historic fashion!

May 13             "Islam among World Religions," NoRC/AMC forum (call for info: 882-4793).

May 17             CEJ (Coalition for Economic Justice) Annual Awards Dinner (892-5877 for info)

May 19        Ken Sherman - Friends of the Buffalo Niagara River.  FBNR monitors and advocates for local rivers and provides hands-on project suggestions for grassroots involvement.  Especially important contact for Grand Island environmentalists and wanna-be riverkeepers!

May 20             LASC Coffeehouse:  Update on weapons testing on Vieques, Puerto Rico (894-2013 for info)

May 26        Sharing Our Gifts Theme:  Memories

June 2         BUSINESS 

Call Shirley at 992-3038 or June at 773-1426 for confirmation, information.