Sheriff's Department Makes Arrest
   Erie County Sheriff's deputies and detectives arrested Felix A. Medina on Thursday, February 13, 2003 on charges of Burglary in the first degree, Robbery (second degree), Assault (second degree), Criminal Possession of a Weapon (fourth degree) and Criminal Mischief (fourth degree). Charges were filed stemming from an incident that occurred February 12, 2003 on Grand Island.
   Mr. Medina was apprehended in the Ellicott Square Building, Buffalo after the victim contacted Detective Dalfonso and informed him that Medina was in the Ellicott Square Building where she had gone to meet with her attorney. The victim stated that Medina showed her a weapon and stated that he was going to kill her.
   Deputy Klimowicz kept the victim on the phone while she was secluded in the stairway of the building. Detective Dalfonso and Deputy Luick responded to the victim's location on the 8th floor of the Ellicott SquareBuilding. Deputies Dudek and Carney were in the area of the building and apprehended the subject without incident and held him until other officers arrived.